Oregon Genealogical Society

Research Assistance Requests

The OGS volunteer Research Committee will do research on request for a small fee payable to OGS.  We have several members on our research team who will do research related to Oregon, especially in Lane, Linn, Douglas and Benton counties.
We are able to research our Oregon Collection, the Oregon newspaper collection in the Knight Library at the University of Oregon, and the Oregon State Archives in Salem.

We charge $20.00 per hour plus any costs for parking, photocopies, or certificates for nonmembers and $15 per hour for members. There is a minimum of one-hour per request.  If travel is involved we may charge for gas for our volunteers.
Please use the Research Request Form to submit your request. You may print it and write in the information or type in the pale blue shaded areas, save the form on your computer, then attach it to your email. Please include the following information:
  1. A specific request or question you want to be answered.​ (i.e. Record lookup: obituary, death record, marriage record; city directory, county history, or surname vertical file lookup; cemetery records lookup, etc.).
  2. Names of all persons involved, first, middle and last if possible.
  3. Dates and places of birth, marriage and death if known.
  4. Place they may have lived that you want us to research and years they lived there.
  5. Any other details you may know about the persons of interest.
  6. YOUR name, address, phone number, and email address so we may contact you.
Submit your request for research by email or mail your request to OGS Research Committee, 955 Oak Alley, Eugene, OR 97401.