Oregon Genealogical Society


In an effort to provide genealogical information to our members and the public, OGS has undertaken several projects with the generous support of our members time and skills.
Project 1:  Periodicals in the OGS Library collection.
Members are currently creating a database of the names, volume, issues, year, and publishing organization. When completed this will be included in the searchable online library catalog available on this website.  

An Excel spreadsheet has been created for the data to be added into so it is very simple. What is needed is a few people at home with computers to input the data from the periodical cards into the data base. You will need to have Excel or Open Office Spreadsheet software on your computer to do this. If you want to work at the library, we can provide a laptop for you to use to input the data there. The index cards will be scanned and sent to you via email with the spreadsheet. You just need to type in the data, save the spread sheet and email the data base back when done or if you have time, check and see if there is more to do. We are at this time doing them by state and some states have a lot of periodicals and some don’t. Alabama to Florida, Kansas and Kentucky are done and Georgia has been started so we just need to finish it along with the rest of the states, some foreign countries, and the regions and "general"sections.

Project 2:  Cemetery List and Cemetery Records
Phase One:  List of Lane County Cemeteries
We will be entering a list of all of the cemeteries in Lane County on the website with name, address, phone, description, number of burials, date of first burial and last if available. This list will be available to the public. We can provide resources for you to obtain this information. You will type it into a document in a specific order which we can use to put into the website.

Phase Two:  List of Burials in Each Cemetery
We will transcribe the lists of cemetery records at the library into a spreadsheet to be uploaded to the website and available for members to search from home. This project will take many people to enter the data and proof read it before it is uploaded.
Phase Three:  Add additional Cemeteries throughout Oregon
Linda Aubrey and her brother Chester plan to take photos of the cemeteries for our website. If you would like to take photos of your favorite cemetery or ones in your neck of the woods, let Linda know so we won't duplicate efforts. These must be photos that you take yourself, they cannot be downloaded from the web. A photographer release will be required allowing OGS to post the photos online.
If you can help in any way please contact Linda Aubrey or Adys Vaughn. We can answer any questions you might have about these projects. Thank you for the help.