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About Our List of Oregon Early Settlers
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We are working on this list, and expect to upload soon.
For over 25 years the Oregon Genealogical Society (OGS) has issued Early Settler Certificates to qualifying applicants. These applicants submitted information proving a direct relationship to a person who lived in Oregon, between 1872 and 1900.

Information on the settlers for whom a certificate has been granted is in publications that are produced and sold by the Society. OGS began publishing this information in 1982. The applicant’s responsible for the presence of an early settler and their family in our publications have given permission to publish their work.
Below we will list the names of the Early Settlers and their spouses as given in accepted applications. This and more information is archived at our facilities. Public information from these files is available for research review. To learn how to access these files please read our Pioneer Certificate Access Policy and when making your request specify it is for an Early Settler. You may email us if you have any questions.

This list is based on information held at our library, submitted by individuals, and is not considered by us to be a complete accounting of those persons who braved the sparsely settled landscape to make their mark. If you do not see your Early Settler below there may be information at our library in one of the many biographies, histories, trail diaries and volumes of county records in our holdings. If you want to see your Settler in our list, help us and apply for an Early Settler Certificate. To do this, go back to our website’s Main Menu and select Pioneer and Early Settler Certificates.

You may request to have further research done on any of the people on this list by submitting a Research Request return to the Main Menu and select Research.
Notes on How to Read Symbols and Abbreviations in Our Web List
(1, 2)
A number in parentheses behind the given name of a Spouse or Pioneer indicates which number spouse this person was to their partner. (We have not noted every instance of this found in our records, here in the web list. At this time our files contain far more information than our computer databases, as we continue to improve and update our databases this information will be included in our web lists.)
A name in parentheses before another surname indicates a Maiden Name. A name in parentheses after a surname or given name indicates either an alternate spelling or an additional legal name.
“Mary” A name in quotes after a given name is a nickname or common use name.
 c. 1870
Means the traveler’s arrival was around this date even if we do not have proof of an exact date. For example a traveler likely arrived in 1869-70 if we can find a family in an 1868 Directory in Ohio and in 1870 they are in a Federal Census for Clackamas County, Oregon.
Ranks, seniority, and occupations are noted after a comma behind the given name of a person.
Cdre. Commodore Jr. Junior
Col. Colonel Lt. Lieutenant
Cpt. Captain Maj. Major
Dr. Doctor Rev. Reverand
Hon. Honorable Judge Sr. Senior
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OGS Pioneer Certificate Committee